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6 Paint Hacks about the Wall Paint and Paint Finishes

Nobody paints house every year, nobody has time and budget. So, before you finalize and giving contract of your home for painting you should know that what are the different options available for paint textures or paint finishes. Which paint finishes are suitable for certain room, type of wall and etc. So, just knowing about the paints is not sufficient but should also understand paint textures and paint finishes and how it can add décor perspective to your house. whether you contract of painting or you do your own, the basic will help to make you better choice. First lets understand, how to removal old paint form wall.

Paint Finishes

How to removal old paint form wall?

Few yeas back removal of old paint from walls was very cumbersome and tiring process, as person would take polish paper and will rub it against wall to remove the old paint. This process is called manual sanding. The process was very slow and sometime depending on the size of house, it was taking a complete week to remove the paint. During this time, there used to be whole mess of powdered paint everywhere. Now vacuum Sanders are available in market, which reduces the time of Wall sanding and process fatigue free.

Apart from mechanical wall sanding process, there is another way to remove the very old paint by using chemical method. In this method, strong chemicals are used on walls to loosen out the paint from wall. This process has to be carried out by experience professional, as there are possibility of sipping of chemical in wall giving permeant stains. Also, one has be very carful for getting this chemical fall on flooring, otherwise it will damage the flooring as well.

Wall Preparation for final Paint

Paint finishes Primer

Once the old paint is removed and the next step is to make necessary repairs to wall where it got damaged or have cracks. These areas will be filled with putty and wall surface is levelled. The next step is prime the wall surface. In some cases only the primer is used. Primer provides foundation for the final paint and also it gives extra protection to give the paint longer life. Apart from this, wall primer provides smooth and plain smooth surface to paint layer on top. Most of the primers are oil based primers , the another type is Latex; these are water based primers. Based on final paint, we need to decide primer. Please take proper precaution as these primers are nothing but chemicals with strong fumes and these can be hazardous to health. So, with the primer paint wall is ready to get final Paint.

What are different wall paint finishes?

Many times, we think that we need to finalize the paint by looking at the color shade cards and pick one of them or have some combination of colors. But , believe me its not easy because the paint comes with different paint finishes and we need to know what will be the best finish for a particular wall or particular room. There are five different types of wall paint finishes as Flat/Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-gloss and High-gloss. These finishes are categorized by their characteristic of reflectiveness.

Flat/Matte Paint:

This type of finish provides non-reflective and smooth appearance. This is used to hide the blemishes of patches or holes. This finish absorbs more light compared to its reflectiveness. This type of paint requires fewer number of quotes than any other type of finishes. This paint is very easy to maintain. Wet sponge is enough to clean the stains on wall. These are least durable paints and can be easily gets damaged if get in contact with cleaner. This type of finish is very much suitable for non-traffic areas like dining room, bedroom and even for ceilings.

Eggshell Paint:

This paint is little more durable than Flat Paint, but obviously lesser durable than satin or gloss finish). As per name, this paint provides low sheen, soft and eggshell type finish. So this is one of the popular wall finish for interior walls. This paint is little more washable than Flat paint. This paint is also suitable for medium traffic areas of house like living rooms, hallways and entryways.


This is widely used and most common paint finish for interior walls. This paint finish provides a elegant, soft and pearl like finish. As its more durable, it is widely used for indoor and outdoor wall painting. This paint is also used in moist areas like kitchen, wall, or wash areas.


It has more shine and reflectiveness than Satin. It gives shiny and smooth surface finish. It offers very good resistance moisture. So, obviously this is more suitable for bathrooms, washrooms, utility areas. If we use white or off-white shade, then it gives brighter appearance.


It gives high-shine and glass like finish. This gives most level of reflection. This is most washable and durable. This paint can be cleaned by scrubbing. This paint requires more coat and gives glossy finish. This paint finish is mostly sued for doors cabinets, where glossy finish is very much required.

6 Important Points that Helps to Finalize the Paint.

As we have seen the different Paint finishes and their applications for a particular room or walls. So, its like foundation of paint selection process. Now we will discuss the various factors to be considered before we finalize the paint. Painting is not routine activity, so keep your mind and eyes open to look around to see what is trending.


If you are looking for theme like vibrant, soothing or peaceful for a particular room, then use of correct Paint shades will help you to achieve that required ambience of a room. If you are looking for a vibrant theme then color shades like orange, red and dark purples will give vibrant look. You can also use trick of contrast color combination like black& white. If you are looking for elegant theme, then you can pick some neutral color. You need not to select just white or beige, there are so may neutral colors available on color shade cards. For soothing or calmness theme, you can select the shades of blue. Particularly this this theme is very opt for bedrooms. Finalising Paint theme helps in selection of paint shades.

Paint finishes paint theme

Color combination with Furniture:

If you see the work of professional interior designer, then you must have noticed that color combination between of color of room and color of furniture are just mutually complementing each other. So its always advisable to finalize furniture or paint shade first and select matching or contrast shade of other.

Use Testers:

paint finishes color tester

Now, you have selected the color and will be imaging how the room will look like. Instead of this, you can buy tester paints of few shades and try it on small portion of wall. Have fun while experimenting to see how our imaginary color looks on wall. It saves money as it helps to avoid buying large quantity of wrong color shade.

Consistency of color theme:

Paint finishes color consistency

So far we have seen that connection between wall colors and furniture colors, but can maintain consistency throughout our home by selecting appropriately matching color of Wall frames, curtains and wall stickers. This consistency of color gives a very unique vibrant décor look.

Create texture on wall:

Sometime a bare wall doesn’t look good.  Here you have opportunity to show your creativity on the wall. Even you can reflect your through on wall through some creative texture. The texture can be an image or it can be a simple style of bricks. This is very cost effective way of decorating the wall and in addition it gives feeling for luxury. You may think again about theme and consistency, before finalizing the texture. Also we can use wall stencils to get the creative look.

Create a focal point:

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In interior design terminology, focal point refers to area where your focus or attention goes once you enter a room or a space. So, the focal point can be considered as attention catching area of a room. There are various ways of creating the focal point. One of the mostly used method is painting one of the wall of room with dark color or creating texture on it. If you have big enough room, you can create the focal point by painting one of the wall as green and placing indoor plants and near to it. Some of the plants purify the air as well as adds liveliness to room. So there are different ways, you can achieve just you need to think out of the box. Apart from focal point, color combination helps to look small room bigger. There are other couple of ways to décor small living room.


Painting is an integral part of home décor. So, few ideas about painting, can turn your home into unique and vibrant place to stay. Our home reflects our lifestyle. Painting is not a frequent So, next time you decide to paint your home, have a fun-filled brainstorming session covering all aspects seen so far. There are so many items contributing home décor and if you are in search of them, then for inspiration you may consider looking at home décor article.

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