2 Minutes Kitchen Decor Guide Before you finalize your Dream Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so kitchen decor design needs to be handled thoughtfully.  It can become one of the talking points for your neighbors and guests if it is a complete mess. Also, you spend a good number of hours there making food for your loved ones. So, Kitchen Decor should be in such a way that it keeps your mood elevated and adding positive vibes to the food. Annapurna means Goddess of food in India, so the place where food is cooked cannot be considered lesser than a temple. Let’s figure out the different kitchen decor ideas and how these kitchen decorating ideas can be on a budget.

What are Kitchen Decor Items?

Always we consider decorating items means Flower vases, designer wall clocks, wall photo frames, and so on. You will get a vast range of kitchen decor items. Here, I am referring to the kitchen items like Utensil Holder, shelves, lights, and dishrack. These are integral parts of the kitchen and can also be considered part of the kitchen decor items. And, these can make your kitchen appear a lot more fascinating and organized—all with the help of our exclusive ideas.

Stick to the theme, including the color on the walls, the curtains, and the accessories. That is one of the first things that you need to keep in mind while decorating your kitchen. A cane basket for bread works well with a country-style kitchen, for instance.  But, for a modern-style kitchen, a steel breadbox will be the most appropriate one. If you are thinking about buying online, then you can refer 12 best home decor online sites in India

Stylish Utensil Holders

kitchen decor item Stylish Utensil Holders

You will always wish to make your kitchen look a bit fancy and classy. At the same time, different types of utensil holders are available. You can match the style and the appearance of your kitchen. For this, you can always go for designer utensil holders.

Classy Shelves

kitchen decor item Classy Shelves

Using the right cabinets and shelves can help you fill-up the spot, especially if you are having a smaller kitchen and suffering from a lack of space. You should always make the best use of the cabinets and the shelves based on the kitchen color.

Hanging Lighting

If you wish to give your kitchen a unique and refreshing looking, you can use lighting. To make the lighting of your kitchen a lot more than for the sake of it is being used, then there are unique ways.

Styled Dish Rack

One of the essential elements of the kitchen is the dish rack, but you can also add an aspect of style to it. You can create a more organized and impressive look. It can be achieved with the addition of coffee mugs and platters.

Kitchen Decor Themes

Like few parties have a theme, design of kitchen design can have different kitchen decor themes.   To give you some great inspiration, the following are a few popular kitchen decor themes.

Tranquil Kitchen

kitchen decor theme Tranquil Kitchen

This kitchen has a fair amount of fresh air and light. If your kitchen is small then, a tranquil kitchen is the best option. With the color scheme and decor, it will be perfect. White color cabinets and wall color give the feeling of calmness.

Tranquil kitchen designs use light and airy paint colors along with the decor, lighting, and others. The appliances are white or stainless steel.

 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This theme has a combination of rustic décor design with sleek modern elegance.  It gives the feeling of both antique and modern design.  The appliances can be of light or dark color. Creating the sense like you can relax and enjoy your time that is spent in the kitchen is possible. The rule to create an authentic yet new-age farmhouse kitchen is by incorporating old and new.

 Minimalist Kitchen

kitchen decor theme  Minimalist Kitchen

You may also have a smaller kitchen area.  Here the minimalist kitchens are other smart options. One or two colors throughout the space are mainly the color scheme. You can use either Black, White, or Grey with an accent here. Use of closed shelves, sleeker design appliances also a good option for the minimalist kitchen. 

Contemporary Kitchen

This type of kitchen also has sleek cabinets with both light and dark colors together. You can also create depth and draw yourself in. You can achieve this with dark-colored cabinets and light-colored countertops. Lighting should be bright and intense to balance between light and dark. Contemporary kitchens are not cluttered; they are like the minimalist kitchen.

Kitchen Decor Sets

Generally, Kitchen tables and chairs are the essential parts of the kitchen. They are the first functional parts of it. Even these can be considered decorative elements. A kitchen cannot be complete without them, as there are just so many functions and tasks to which they can be used.

You can come across various kitchen table sets that are available for purchase. Those sets are composed of a matching table and chairs in the most basic sense. Sometimes it becomes confusing to choose as they come in a wide variety.

Some are made of steel, some are made of pine, and other types of wood and some are antiques. They differ significantly with the combination of tables and chairs. Being composed of a glass made table and wooden chairs, there could be a set for the kitchen. A round or folding table with steel chairs can be the other set here. A table bench can replace the chairs on a set. There are a lot of sets for you to choose from as the chairs on a set can also be replaced by the table bench. With these, you can simply imagine that you have a lot to choose from.

It is not a good idea to buy kitchen tables alone. You need not mix and match the table and chairs on your own. If purchased within a set, you can even get the items included with discounts.

There are various kitchen decor sets available in the market, like wall-mounted hanging shelf sets, kitchen knives set, storage container set, etc. Even though these are small items, they add to the kitchen’s appearance, like kitchen decorating ideas on a budget.

Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas

simple kitchen decor ideas

Clean, uncluttered, and simple. When we think about Simple Kitchen Decor, these points cannot be neglected. To create a pleasing room decor, a few tasteful changes here and there throughout the room can go a long way. The simple kitchen decor ideas are perfect for the minimalist.

Cleaning is not a very exciting activity but, it is starting step in Kitchen Decor.  No matter what your color combo or decorative style, a clean kitchen just looks very nice.

The clutter is the other kitchen decor detractor. De-cluttering the counters and the cabinets is important. Clutter is mainly caused due to insufficient space. But remember having bigger storage space is also not sufficient; it has to be utilized wisely. Every cooking utensil, pot, and pan does not need to be displayed. The kitchen is not the place to keep knick-knacks or collectibles. The shelves in the den are where you need to save that.

You can include cleanliness, appearance, and clutter and to boost efficiency. Create decorative storage options to address a few decorating issues. With the use of decorative accents wherever you can to mask function, be creative enough.

You also have an effective and attractive way to store your kitchen utensils on the counter. It is with the use of a colorful vase or decorative piece of pottery.

Always try to have closed compartments or shelves; it gives a clutter-less appearance. Also, open racks get dirty very often.

To occupy smaller space, you can look for sleeker design appliances.

The use of white/light color on walls and wooden furniture reflects light and gives the feeling of calmness and cleanliness.

Pot racks are also a good option for limited space, especially rectangular size. These racks can also be mounted on walls as well. Use hideaway furniture for optimum utilization of space; for example, roll out kitchen tables or cabinets. The best example could be Drop-down, wall-mounted tables, or cutting boards.

Kitchen Decor Ideas on Budget

It need not be expensive as always when it comes to home decors. You will come across many ways. Especially to bring the alluring and exquisite look to your home without squeezing your wallet. You need some amount of time , a few materials, a little patience, and loads of imagination. Creativity is also essential here. If your whole family is enthusiastic, you can plan some brain storming activities and come out with new innovative solutions, which may include use of existing items and showcasing in new from. One of the mantra we can follow is “Stick to the Necessities”, so it will avoid buying un-necessary items causing clutter in kitchen. Below are some kitchen decor ideas on a budget.

·        Add Colors

·        Use more lighting

·        Add curtains

·        Rearrange Furniture

·        Decorate with natural elements

·        Reuse old objects

·        Hang Pictures and Photographs

·        Focus on small details

·        Spread Rugs

·        Decorate your entrance

·        Decorate with simple and useful items

·        Clear the Clutter

·        Shop second-hand

·        Include Statement pieces

·        Hide flaws

Kitchen Decoration Tips

You may live in an apartment. It does not mean that you cannot give it some personality as the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is a no-brainer when you want your kitchen to be stylish and operational. You can roll out the rug near the wall

·        Paint the ceiling

·        Mix to match – kitchen furniture

·        Paint the cabinets

·        Closed shelving

·        Darker paint hues

·        Bench hack

·        Stage dishes for show

·        Barstools

·        Go clutter-free

·        Use Designer spoons and forks

·      On top of cabinet, empty space can have some craft material.

·        keep decorating piece such that it will not occupy the working area.

·        keep island table clean with a small vase containing flowers

·        Add geometric patterns, mirrors.

·        If you have big enough kitchen, few people using partition makes a small pooja room portion.


It takes a lot of creativity when it comes to refreshing an apartment kitchen’s decor. You can make your kitchen be your place. It is achieved with the addition of color, changing knobs. You can also use a statement mirror on the wall, and more will make the kitchen your place. It should be a gathering place for you to enjoy, no matter your apartment’s size, as this is the hub of the home. There are end-less possibilities of organizing the kitchen, please share what are the best options you are selecting for your kitchen. Final word, spend sufficient time before you finalize the design. Once it is done, making new changes are always difficult.

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