What are small Living Room Decorating Ideas?

Everyone knows that the First impression is the last, so everyone wants their first look to be perfect. So, we dress well, groom well, and even ask others for feedback about how are we looking, Isn’t it? Similarly, the Living Room’s first impression is the impression of our lifestyle and living. Everyone wants the living room decoration should be very cozy and relaxing. Let it be a small living room or a big living room. Most of the people get stumbled upon what are small living room decorating ideas? The challenge arises because of space constrain. The good news is that we have a couple of small living room (decor) decorating ideas, and surprisingly these will be simple living room decor ideas on a budget. Now, let’s start listing items for decor.

Living Room Decor Items

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

These include Wall Art, clocks, Lamp Lanterns, Lamp Shades, Showpiece, Artificial Flowers and Plants, Photo Frames, Decals and Stickers, wall shelves, and Key Holder.  Most of these items are available on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Wall Art: Nowadays, trending decor item is Hang Plates, Wooden Ledges or Wooden wall rack shelves to keep small collectibles or idols, Photo Galley wall.

Clocks: These can be analogue or digital, and also nowadays, the trend has changed to use Antique Wall clock to add a cozy look to the wall.

Lamp Lanterns and Lamp Shades: As we have limited space, the best option is to use hanging lamp shades available online in India.

Showpiece: Place small and elegant showpiece at the living room empty corners.

Artificial Flowers and Plants: Definitely, these are to add freshness to the room.

Photo Frames: designs and create a fantastic collage of your favourite pictures.

Decals and Stickers: These are the cheapest wall decor options available online.

Key Holder: As long as I remember, the keyholder is the oldest item that used to be on walls. But now it’s available in various designs.

Living room decorating items list can be extensive; let’s move on to make decorating ideas on a budget.

Small Living Room Decoration Ideas On A Budget 

Small Living Room Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Consider below a couple of points.

Removable wallpaper is an excellent budget option to decor the wall, mainly to try out different looks on a wall. Peel and stick are very convenient to use as there is no glue requirement and no damage to walls.

Paper lampshade: Hang a few lampshades to light your home comfortably and stylishly. Generally white and slightly off-white paper lamp shades suits for all types of wall colours.

Wall Painting: if there is a wall behind the sofa, then paint that wall with a light colour shade of that of Sofa; for example, if the couch is dark blue, then paint the wall behind the sofa with a very light shade of blue color; it gives an elegant look.

Curtains: use thin and lightweight curtains. It allows natural light to get in the room and also a cost-effective solution.

Rugs: Use a small carpet below the coffee table, which will be slightly more significant than the coffee table; it adds richness.

Sofa cum bed: This item is essential in our list of Small Living Decoration Ideas On A Budget.

Now, let us think about our small living room furniture and what furniture we can accommodate.

Small Living Room Furniture.

Small Living Room Furniture.

Float your Furniture: generally, we always try to push the furniture against the wall, leaving no space behind the furniture. But in reality, it makes the room a little wider. This option is perfect for Sofa.

Scale down Furniture: for a small living room, it is an excellent good option to scale the furniture like the size of Sofa, use of leaner tables, so instead of using full space, a small portion can be left free.

Nested Furniture: there are few furniture items available. Those have nested compartments like Coffee Table or Centre table, which has four corners hollow and small seating stools inserted into them. The trunk or storage ottoman use as a Coffee table with a hidden storage compartment o keep the clutter.

Foldable furniture:   This is a good option for the table which are close to the wall.

Study has done on how to make small room look big, let us go through below design considerations.

How to Make Small Room Look Big.

The colours like off-white, dusty blue, light gray, and sage green makes a small room appear prominent. Dark shades absorb light and give the feeling of smaller rooms.

If natural light is accessible through windows, it’s the best option as we are connecting smaller space with the outside world through the windows. But don’t get discouraged if natural light is not accessible; in this case, the workaround can be done around lighting fixtures like put small plants or flowers near the windows and use the lamps to brighten the space.

As discussed earlier, use thin and light colour curtains to allow natural light in the house throughout the day. Its adds brightens to room and give the feeling of bigger room

The use of mirrors helps in reflecting lights and gives the feel of a bigger size room.

How to Decor Living Room with Plants

How to Decor Living Room with Plants

Plants are an integral part of our house, let they be in Gallery, terrace, in the veranda or may be just Infront of your home. Ancient Indians know that plants decorate the house and have a scientific reason to have them.

You can hang plants in a chic to give a fresh and rejuvenating look.

Extra shelves can be mounted near and around the windows to place the small plants. Space near the picture ledge is adequate to keep the artificial plants or flowers as this adds beauty to photo frames, and being artificial, there is no damage to pictures or structures because of water.

In one restaurant, I saw multiple rods were running across the hall, and a small creeper plant was running over the rods, which does not require any hanging pots.  

Apart from home decor, few plants also helps to improve indoor air quality.

Home Décor with Vastu items

Home Decor Vastu Items

 Below Vaastu items bring positive vibes to the living room and become an integral part of our home decor.

Three golden owls are considered a source of positive energy in our house; it is placed on shelves. It removes bad energy and brings prosperity as well.

Placing the Elephant with Tortoise Figurine at the front door brings good luck. It has significance in Fengshui as well.

According to astrology, Horse-Shoe Amulet kept hanging at the entrance blocks the bad energies.

And final item Gomati Chakra Tree is also considered to fetch fortune when placed in the house.

Use of apps

 Nowadays, life is so simple that the information needed is available at your fingertips. In interior design or home décor, there are a couple of excellent apps available on the Play Store and iTunes.

These apps provide the following benefits over just thinking of new ideas.

These have high-resolution photos of the interior and exterior to choose the appearance and style.

You can save the designs you like, and you can share them with friends and family to get their opinions.

You can collaborate and hire professionals to bring your ideas into reality.

Indian Style Home Décor

Indian Style Home Décor
Source: happyshappy

 If you want to reflect the Indian traditional style to reflect in your living room, then there are few good options to achieve it.

The use of wood was prominent in the olden days. False ceiling designs for small living room is a good option with a colour like wood to get a wooden feel. Make the design as wooden blocks running across the room. Especially for a small living room, prefer thinner blocks (stripes) design running across from one end of the room to another end, it gives the feeling of more ample space.

Use vibrant colours on Sofa and pillow covers to get the feel of the traditional look.

Telephone, keyholder, photo frames décor items in antique style are available online to bring the olden days’ prominent look.


Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. So, make this Living Space in our home as Lively and as Beautiful as possible with home décor ideas. These were simple and easy to implementable ideas. If you are planning to buy home decor online, you refer to another article “12 Best Home Decor online Sites in India

Share with me if you have any other ideas or if you have picked from our above brainstorming.

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